Willow Wreath Dried w Foliage x 2

Willow Wreath Dried w Foliage x 2

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Willow Wreath Dried w Foliage

Bunnies love a good chew so here are some willow wreaths!

Once the bunnies have munched all the leaves, the healthy twigs are a great source of chewing for the bunny's growing teeth. Rabbits love them!

They are roughly about the size of a bread plate (20cm diam).

Pesticide Free!

Thanks to Lorina Gore for the time and effort in making and sending these!!

Product Details

  • x 2
  • 18-20cm diam (approx)

 Storage of your Wreaths!

As in nature, these sticks are best kept in open air. If enclosed, the moisture in these natural branches can cause mould and best given while still fresh.

Sticks should be kept in an open basket or cardboard box